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Direct Equity investment in purchasing consumer goods for export

We are a private equity firm based in the United States with a division dedicated to arranging continuous, long-term purchases of U.S. manufactured consumer goods for export to Africa.

We have organized a large funding pool to keep jobs in the US and export goods directly to Africa. Over the years we have developed collaborations with government export agencies, NGOs, disaster relief agencies, churches, nonprofits, and organizations within the United Nations. We know Africa. We are actively seeking to purchase consumer goods directly from U.S. manufacturers for export to Africa. We will purchase branded consumer staples such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoos, cotton balls, soap, nonperishable foods, and a host of other goods on a consistent monthly basis. We are interested in dealing directly only with manufacturers, but would consider paying a broker’s fee for a successful introduction.

Unlike many brokers and other exporters, we act as principals and will deliver to the manufacturer or its bank a direct pay irrevocable letter of credit within 24/48 hours of a manufacturer confirming an order.

We deliver the letter of credit up front for all goods. We do not require credit terms from any manufacturer. All containers of consumer goods will be shipped by the manufacturer directly to either Durban South Africa and or Dar es Salaam Tanzania from a U.S. port. All goods are for export only. We do not accept closeout goods. We seek a consistent monthly supply of consumer goods.

We have what is tantamount to unlimited capital for purchases, but we are cautious by nature as to whom we do business. We are looking for long term relationships with consistency of product, brands who are looking to expand into markets that would normally require extensive capital, time and personnel to explore and open. Many U.S. manufacturers know how difficult it is to penetrate markets such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Congo, DRC, Mali, Central African Republic and Angola. We are taking a very collaborative approach to how we enter a market and this all starts with a partnering with great American made consumer goods manufacturers.

The population of Africa is approximately 1.2 billion, however, the World Bank as well the IMF and the UN have stated that by 2035 the population of Africa will be in excess of 2 billion people.

With extremely low GDP levels in many of the countries listed above, we expect to see an emergence of a significant middle class over the next 5 to 10 years. This expectation is of great significance to the major health and beauty and food manufacturers who wish to establish their global brands in these African countries consistently and continuously in order to maximize market share in these growing markets. While pricing will need to be low to start, in the long term market share and pricing will improve as the market matures.

As a private equity firm, we take a long term view in our ability to take basic consumer products into these markets that are all U.S. branded to generate brand awareness and consistent market supply to a middle class that will be loyal over time. Once we sell in the local market, we take our local currency and make purchases in various commodities that are sourced from these countries which are thereafter sold in the international markets in hard currency. It is at that point we make a margin.

We believe iConnect Capital Markets Private Equity could create significant business for major US manufacturers in African markets largely untapped today for several reasons, including payment terms that many African importers, consumers and countries cannot afford. We have solved that problem.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Richard Dagel




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