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Core Team

Joel M. Bernstein

Mr. Bernstein was a senior attorney based in Los Angeles. His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: corporate finance, issuance of public and private securities, mergers and acquisitions and representation of influential businesses and families.

Mark Richard Dagel

Mr. Dagel has been in the global asset based lending, structured/project finance, and real estate development/construction business sectors for over 35 years. He has acted as principal for a majority of those years as well as a high level adviser in the public and private sectors.

Phillip Marriott

Mr. Marriott acts in an advisory role for the firm in the areas of commercial real estate, hotels, resorts, and high level contacts for company collaborations.

John Alphonse Lage

Mr. Lage is a 30-year Marcom veteran, media producer and entrepreneurial businessman. In addition to his own interests, John consults on a variety of projects for others including startups in entertainment, clean energy, manufacturing, real estate, consumer goods and turnaround.

Angel Oshon

Angel has spent 25 years as an executive management consultant in the film and the new information industries, working with a number of CEOs and UN Ambassadors. She founded her own company that focuses on sustainable developments, crisis consultations and different genres of creative productions, film and music. Throughout her career Angel has built excellent relationships throughout Europe, Africa, USA, China, Latin America and the Caribbean, where she has managed, packaged and structured finance and productions. As well as working as a business partner and PR to first-tier principals within the Brunei royal family, Angel has co-founded SEED (Sustainable Economic Environmental Development) Foundation, where she acts as General Secretary.


William Homeier

Mr. Homeier, with 35+ years in the construction industries (residential, commercial, power & petrochemical), his experience spans hands-on craftsman, manager, principal and entrepreneur, including over a decade in real estate development. He has consulted along side Mr. Lage on an array of technologies, businesses and industries for others.